“The person lucky enough to have woken up in Belgrade this morning, should consider that they have done enough in life today. To keep insisting on something more would be pretentious.” Dusko Radovic

It is quite possible that your plan was to be far away from Belgrade in June of 2020, somewhere on an exotic beach perhaps or at an unusual destination. However, the year 2020 has become completely unusual which means that your plans have quite possible become obsolete. Does that mean that you should despair? Well, of course not! After all, you are in a city that has so much to offer. And, if you have forgotten about all of the summer Belgrade pleasures, we are here to remind you of them.

1. The river is your refuge

A number of small, comfortable rafts on the river Sava offer you the opportunity to enjoy the summer days in the best way possible – with a book, with friends and loved ones and a cold drink. So simple, yet so nice. And, at sunset, you’ll wish for summer never to end.

2. First domestic drive-in

Ada Ciganlija will offer shelter to all swimming and summer water sports enthusiasts. And this year there is a novelty with a certain vintage vibe – a drive-in theater that will enable its visitors the pleasure of watching movies from their cars, just as if they were part of one of those old movies we all love.

3. Balkan Movie Theater

Among the many current cultural events we must single out the exhibit Hvala Raši Todosijeviću – zahvalna Srbija (Thanks to Rasa Todosijevic – Grateful Serbia) displayed until July 10 at the newly reopened movie theater Balkan. This exhibit shows the works that asserted the artist in the early 70’s of the 20th Century up until the aquarelle paintings in 2019. The exhibit is both an homage and a gesture of gratitude to a great and important critic of the contemporary society.

4. Walking through Belgrade

Belgrade is a charmer able to make us fall in love with it again and again, while giving us something new and unexpected each single time. That is why the long, slow walks through Belgrade in summer are a classic that never goes out of style.

5. Feel free to add as you like J

And, by all means – enjoy the summer!