– I don’t have time.

– I want to, but can’t make it.

– I can’t do it now.

– Let me just have a quick bite and then get back to work.

– I’ll enjoy myself when I’m on vacation.

– I want to, but this is not the time.

How frequently do you say these things? We know that the world is in a hurry and waits for no one. But, is that really the truth or is it a truth we have chosen for ourselves while wishing to be perceived as busy, productive and contemporary individuals?

Here, at restaurant 369, we deeply believe that this one thing is the truth: This day will never come back again. So, let’s help make it the best one.

And we make it happen with what we know the best: food. To us, food is much more than a meal. To us, food represents a moment when everything stops, when we take a deep breath and enjoy the present wholeheartedly. And in that moment the “quick bites” and the “I’ll have whatever” simply don’t count. This is the time when every bite of food must be cherished, felt and experienced.

We believe that this concept can be applied to every other aspect of life.

If you are having coffee with a friend – be present. Listen to what your friend has to say. Put your phone aside. It will still be there afterwards, waiting for you as always. Just listen, take in, and feel.

If you are going to work out, don’t do it just to get in shape for the summer. Your body deserves more than that, so you should exercise in order to be strong and feel a surge of new, fresh energy. The summer body will soon follow, don’t worry about that. Just work out, breathe and feel.

If it’s been a while since you’ve spent time with your loved ones because you are busy – find the time. Because there is always time, we just like to use the lack of it as an excuse. Find the time, make the time and you’ll be happy afterwards. Just laugh, be happy and feel.

If you want to change your life completely, do so. We never regret the things we did as much as we regret the things we did not do. When, if not now?

Live your life as if it was the tastiest bite of your favorite dessert. Because that’s what life deserves.